Condo Act Forms

Many of the mandatory forms to be used under the Condominium Act can be accessed by the links below. . These forms are intended to help standardize and facilitate, among other things, communication between Owners and condo boards. Most of the forms are mandatory and many of them were issued on November 1st, 2017.

Be advised that the Internet Explorer is the best platform for the links to the fillable forms work best on Internet Explorer.  You also need the latest version PDF version (v. 8 or higher).  If experiencing difficulties with the links below you can:

  • Either right-click on the form, select “save link as” and save the form on your computer; OR
  • Click on the Printable version below (second bullet for each forms).

Status Certificate

Information certificates

Meeting of owners (and AGMs)

Records of the Corporation

Various other forms

More condominium related forms are available here.

Proxy Information